Scaling Databases and backends

Very cool Intro to scaling databases and backends in general https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yDO-tmIoXY

PHP 5.6 is out

PHP 5.6 released, from the release notes... with a quick glance, nothing major in most use cases but still worth the upgrade, especially since there are a few security fixes. Post memory usage down 300% (I like that), attachments larger than 2 gb, constant scalar expressions (I like that) and other constant goodies, php://input is reusable, unified default encoding, new variadic (variable parameters) functions syntax. phpdbg improvements and a many minor changes/bug fixes. The full change log is at http://php.net/ChangeLog-5.php

Google ranking Factors

Interesting page listing factors affecting ranks in search results: https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140730122737-31469765-google-s-200-ranking-factors-the-complete-list

Writing maintainable code

Buffer overflow in GNU TLS

A Buffer overflow in GNUTLS library. Not used in many places (The most common seem to be openldap with ubuntu, wine, wget but there are others). if you do use it, make sure you upgrade, especially if you are using it in a server component. ARS technica has an article here and a technical analysis here.

Evaluate your php skills

I cam across an interesting page this morning, on testing PHP knowledge, http://martinonphp.ghost.io/2014/01/27/evaluating-php-skill-level/ If you are a developer, then it is certainly worth taking a look at, making sure you know all constructs talked about. As the saying goes, 'if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail to you.' It is important to know more than one way of doing things and though you certainly do not need to know all PHP keywords/functions to write great code, it is always good to help you write higher quality code that is more simple to read while potentially being more efficient as well. If you are hiring php developers, then this can be used as an inspiration. Some of the most common questions like telling the difference between get and post are not necessarily indicative of coding skill.

lenovo acquired motorola mobility

Though the transaction is not yet completed, Lenovo is definitely on my radar. After it acquired IBM's server business earlier this year, it is moving towards purchasing Google/ Motorola Mobility. Interestingly, google selling for ~3billion after buying it for $10 billion . As a side not, after the recent patent deals across phone manufacturer, would it be a signal their patent wars that has been raging over the last few years is over? Nothing official yet but it sure looks like it. More details at http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2014/01/lenovo-to-acquire-motorola-mobility.html .

Wordpress 3.8 is out

A new version of wordpress is out. I find the video a big hyped but the new version changes are nice, I like it. You can find more details here http://wordpress.org/news/2013/12/parker/ .

Google play games

It looks like google will has been investing heavily into adding a game extension to Google plus. More details here http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/05/11/google-play-games-leaks-out-in-all-its-glory-ahead-of-google-io-hello-cloud-game-saves-apk-teardown/

Turbulenz html5 game engine

Nice to see one more engine open source, turbulenz ... http://news.turbulenz.com/post/49430669886/turbulenz-engine-goes-open-source

Google glass source code released

The source code to the kernel of google glass has been released. I guess all I need is a device now. https://code.google.com/p/google-glass-kernel-source/ The project really seems exciting and I would really love to try it but call me old fashioned if I humbly believe I would probably find tiring having information superimposed all the time. That said, I have not tried it so I have no idea how annoying it can be to be wearing them long term.

phpMyAdmin 4.0 rc 4

phpMyAdmin version 4.0 release candidate is out. I really like how they finally got rid of the frames and they are working on the design. http://www.phpmyadmin.net/

Yahoo UI 3.10 is out

Yahoo has come out with a new version of its Javascript UI components, available at http://www.yuiblog.com/blog/2013/04/24/yui-3-10-0-released/ . The new release includes major speed boost. You may have to rewrite some of your code.

GIT is hard video

git can be amusingly delightful sometimes (or not):

GIT IS HARD from Meagan Fisher on Vimeo.

My new year resolutions

Time for new year resolutions :)
  • 30 mega pixels with 12x optical zoom... get a sharper image about the world I live in
  • 1920x1600 widescreen ... work on my weight by making things smaller (not my brain obviously)
  • = localhost (dns resolution) ... unleash the geek in me
  • 365 dpi (365 days per iteration or dpy days per year if that makes you more happy)
  • resolution of world peace... haha, yeah right :)
  • reese-solution - buy a box of reese chocolate
  • brie-solution - buy some brie, yummy :)
  • grease-solution ... clean things up in my life :)
  • re-solution - copy paste my last year's resolution... at least I'll sound I know what I am doing

Free(functions) movement! (geek humor)

Geek humor of the day (if you do not know java or .net... you probably want to skip this one haha and no there is no hidden political message in there either): Inspired by the Java spring movement, a function that could not work properly has killled its own process by calling its destructor function. According to a .net delegate who asked to remain an anonymous function for fear of retribution, not enough allocated space and a heavy workload made the overloaded function work in race conditions all the time... at one point there was an overflow of work and the poor processor who had not been able to go to the bathroom for a while dumped its core in public. Raising an exception, a sympathy event was immediately raised by other overworked functions asking for more protection in their work... the protest against data corruption eventually caused a general protection fault and the OS authorities were eventually forced to declare a general protection fault... the ensuing violence took with it countless lives of innocent programs who only asked for the right to exist Is programming with class, racism? Is it ethically right to objectify them? I move to declare all functions equal and give them all an equal opportunity work/run like all others in public. May they also have their right to privacy and property... may they also have the right to run without being bugged a million times a second haha :) What next? will the os authorities import migrant functions from other assemblies? let us all hope for the best

ubuntu 13.04 is out

ubuntu 13.04 is out (more details here http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2013/04/25/ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail-released/ ) it includes among others:
  • New openstack version
  • enhanced social network experience
  • the usual update to software components

nGinx 1.4 is out

Great alternative to apache web server, version 1.4 of nginx is out. It seems to include among others:
  • Better compatibility between ssl and perl module (ngx_http_perl_module)
  • Incorporation of features from 1.3 branch: _ Web socket Proxy OCSP Stapling (OCSP is used for SSL Certificate validity check) _ SPDY Support (Google's http extension for better performance) _ Gunzip support

on passwords

I came across an interesting blog post that basically says:
  • Encrypt Passwords with a good algorithms such as md5
  • Salt encrypted passwords
  • Let people input their own security questions
  • Don't put rules on passwords - the regular password for the user may not fit. I personally ad that obviously weed out standard dictionary words and but give people flexibility
More details here http://threetwelvecreative.com/blog/bid/266517/Developers-You-re-Probably-Doing-Passwords-Wrong-Too

Fedora 19 Alpha is out

The new fedora release seems to have tons of interesting features, including ruby 2.0

Has Microsoft lost its vision?

Dark days for Microsoft: After losing its head of Windows development, now its head CFO has just left the company. It seems all high profile people at Microsoft from Bill Gates to Ray Ozzie are running away one after another as the company keeps shooting itself in the foot and it seens the company has a lot of trouble finding itself:
  • From Windows phone to Windows 8, it seems that it is going out of its way to make Windows more difficult to use. 
  • The eroding shares of Internet explorer, once the king of browsers has turned it from a monopoly to a minority.
  • Bing, despite a lot of efforts and money invested seems to have difficult time increasing its market share.
  • As a consequence of these multiple costly mistakes, Android tablets and now Chrome books have become a direct threat to its core Windows platform.
As more and more fingers point to Steve Ballmer, it seems Microsoft is losing its dominance. Yes, earnings are up but in my humble opinion, the company either needs a major direction correction ASAP or like the titanic, it will eventually sink very quickly.  

Jquery 2.0 is out

It is official, jQuery 2.0 is out. A major rewrite of the library that includes, among others, reduced size and supports custom builds to reduce size even further. Though syntax should be largely compatible with 1.0, I will personally wait before I start using 2.0: support for legacy browsers such as IE6 through IE8 has been removed and due to browser shares, I feel it is too premature to upgrade.

new Debian Release (Wheezy)

Planned for may, a new Debian release is coming out:

Python update to version 3.3.1

Python just got updated http://docs.python.org/3.3/whatsnew/3.3.html . Among others, Yield and better exception handling. Note, older branches got updated as well.

Struts 1 end of lifed

It's official, Struts 1 will not be updated anymore... so, if you have applications using Struts, make sure you start to migrate to Struts 2 to ASAP. This is particularly true if you have web facing apps. More details here http://www.infoq.com/news/2013/04/struts1-eol

Wordpress Worm currently wreaking havoc around the web

There seems to be a worm currently brute forcing thousands of wordpress sites. Please make sure your wordpress install is up to date and that you do not use an easy to guess password. In addition, I would use a username other than admin for admin purposes. More details here http://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/04/brute-force-attacks-build-wordpress-botnet/ .

Sony launches 2gb/s internet connections for $51 in Japan

Maybe it is time to move to Japan. Sony just introduced 2gigabit per second connections in Japan for $51 per month... Since my connection has trouble streaming a simple tv program at a price higher than that... I am tempted to ask... Hello, us providers, where are you? Google fiber, which is only experimental and is touted as next gen internet for the us is more expensive for half the cost.. and not even available everywhere

Redhat to officially support openstack

Up to this point, if you wanted openstack, you more or less had to use Ubuntu as it is the distribution used for development. Redhat just entered the game and is launching an openstack port available at http://openstack.redhat.com/

Interesting video about scaling web app

I came across an interesting video about scaling a web app from the Khan Academy tech lead.

Last year for windows XP

As a web developer, I welcome the fact that windows XP will soon be end of lifed (in one year). Hopefully, this means that after that, finally, people will running more recent software - including browsers. It would be so nice if ie7 and ie6 finally vanished off the map (ideally, ie8 as well - but let's be realistic, it will be around for a while). That said, with chrome and firefox having a market share of over 70%, it seems IE has become a lot less relevant lately

Webdevpower ported to wordpress

It's here, WebDev power running wordpress. It features a brand new theme, typo fixes, an easier access to pages and a separate blog. Some urls may have moved but all content should be there and there are new sections as well (such as wordpress). Stay tuned for brand new content coming soon.

Ruby 2.0

major release for Ruby and rails enthusiasts, Rails 2.0 (details here http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/australia/ruby-20-released/1704 )

Google forks webkit

It looks like Google has forked webkit. Though unfortunately, it means worrying about one more rendering engine, the good news is that opera will be using blink, the new rendering engine as well. Also, most people who use chrome auto update their browsers and will be getting the new engine automatically. Though they did that because they plan a major overhaul to the engine, removing among others dead code, I dont expect major changes in the near future. Hopefully it will bring in better performance boosts and more reliability to the browser.

Firefox 20 is out

one of these days, I will get used to this new numbering scheme of firefox... not yet though. Anyway, Firefox 20 is out with multiple in private browsing session. The most interesting interesting feature as a developer seems to be the new javascript profiler tool... not yet sure how that works though

Lucas Arts is now officially closed

Nothing to do with computer development per say but I thought it was news big enough to be worth to mention http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/04/03/disney-closes-game-publisher-lucasarts.aspx