Competition SEO Analysis

A good way to boost your SEO is to query your competition's urls in search engines like google and see where they are listed. One way to do this consists in searching for target keywords and see what sites comes up first. Then you analyze those websites in descending priority. There are many tools for tasks like that that but if you are in a hurry, to get an idea, simply query the url of the competition surrounded by quotation marks in a search engine like google. Once you know where you competition is listed, try to get yourself listed there in order of the links returned. It is not enough to do it once, do it on a regular basis because domains competing for the target keywords change over time Further, examine how your competition's site is done (meta tags, title, content, domain name, layout), see what they have done right and look for opportunities to improve on their weakness. Do not straight out copy pages because not only does it violate copyright but you would end up with duplicate content... it does not even help you in rankings.