Basic SEO Tips

In this page we talk about Basic SEO tips. Do not mistake the word basic for unimportant though... they are steps that are assumed to be taken by all websites that want to ranks. Yes, depending on the engine, some of that information may be ignored but it is still very important information to have because even if it does not affect the ranking, it can affect the way the information is displayed.

Title tag optimization

It is very important to have title filled in with every page and have it contain what is on the page. A good title should have the site name, the section or information about page content, target keywords and anything you care about most yet remain concise. Place all important keywords near the beginning as they are what the search engine. 

Meta tags optimization

will not necessarily help you in rankings with google but they are still used by many engines to help direct what is displayed in search results. In case of content that is not as search engine friendly like flash animations, meta tags are particularly important. Some of the important meta tags are:

Optimize page sections with <h> tags

With wysiwyg editors, it can be tempting to skip use of the header tags because you can get the same formatting differently. However, header tags are vital for search engine optimization because they tell search engines that the current line has more weight. Make sure you include important keywords