SEO your URLs

Optimization of content is important but also remember to optimize URLs as they have great importance in the eyes of search engines.

A good title tag

A similar set of rules for a good title tag apply... informative, short, most important keywords placed in the beginning but no need to include the domain name as it is already there from the actual domain name.

On Drupal, for example, this can consist in installing the pathauto module because it automatically renames nodes from "node/1" to a friendlier url based on the title of the article. You could do that manually but even with pathauto enabled you can still rename the URL to a friendlier name if you wish.

Optimize non HTML file names too

Remember to also SEO optimize non HTML files such as images, multimedia content and documents. Images are particularly important as some people may end up on your site after searching for images on google.

Domain name match

Also, if you have not yet settled for a domain name, try to include your targeted keywords in the domain name as they have a great weight, especially in the case of an exact match.

Use subdomains

Subdomains can be a good way to group content but also include keywords

Use local domains

Although I would suggest get a .com domain first, if you are present in more than one country then you may want to consider getting a localized domain name, it boosts in local rankings