Sure, here's a list of 20 popular Drupal modules along with their URLs where you can find more information and download them:

  1. Views - Allows you to create, manage, and display lists of content.

  2. Pathauto - Automatically generates user-friendly URLs for your content.

  3. Token - Provides tokens for use in various parts of your site.

  4. Devel - A suite of developer tools for debugging and performance optimization.

  5. Webform - Enables the creation of customizable forms and surveys.

  6. CKEditor - Integrates the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor into Drupal.

  7. Path Redirect - Allows you to create redirects for URLs.

  8. Media - Provides a framework for managing and displaying media assets.

  9. Metatag - Allows you to manage meta tags for better SEO.

  10. Views Slideshow - Enables the creation of image slideshows.

  11. Rules - A powerful module for creating site automation and workflows.

  12. Backup and Migrate - Simplifies the process of backing up and restoring your Drupal database.

  13. Menu Block - Allows you to customize the display of menus.

  14. Google Analytics - Integrates Google Analytics tracking into your site.

  15. Date - Provides date and time fields for content types.

  16. Admin Toolbar - A modern and feature-rich toolbar for administrators.

  17. Field Group - Allows you to group fields together in content types.

  18. Views Bulk Operations (VBO) - Enhances Views with batch operations.

  19. Entity Reference - Provides a way to create relationships between entities.

  20. Geofield - Allows you to store geographic data (latitude, longitude, etc.) in Drupal.

These modules cover a wide range of functionalities and can significantly enhance your Drupal site's capabilities. Be sure to review each module's documentation and compatibility with your Drupal version before installation.